Local elections coming up!

I'm running for the Espoo city council in local elections on June 13th, 2021. My party is the National Coalition party – Kokoomus. 

Local elections are very meaningful for everyone living in Finland. The city council decides about wide variety of services provided to residents, e.g. day care, schooling, health care, social services, sports, culture, city planning, and many, many other issues. City council is responsible for city’s economy and investments too. 

Espoo is a very international city. Almost 20 % of the residents speak some other language than Finnish or Swedish as their first language. Also, there are more than 500 international companies located in Espoo, and plenty of people working or studying in English. Therefore, internationality is part of our everyday life and we need to take it into account also when making decisions. 

I believe that in politics you must be prepared to deal with all kind of issues. Therefore, I’m not eager to make any promises or to represent a certain group. However, I want to highlight few topics that are especially close to my heart. These topics are day care and education, sports and culture and sustainable development (whether it’s a matter of traffic, city planning or economics). 

If there’s anything you’d like to ask or discuss about, send me a message or give me a call (contacts below). 

Also, you are very welcome to join my campaign team. We communicate, campaign and enjoy each other’s company in English too!


You can contact me by email: mervi (at sign) mervikatainen.fi or by phone: 041 319 6988. Likewise, you can join my campaign team by sending me a message.
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